Miami Lab and Medical Equipment Movers

Lab and Medical Equipment Movers

In business for over 65 years, our laboratory moving company is an agent of Atlas Van Lines, an internationally recognized company known for their quality service and professionalism. As a result, American Fargo has access to many advanced resources that would be unavailable anywhere else. We pride ourselves on utilizing these vehicles, technology and resources to best assist our customers with laboratory and medical equipment moving needs to any location in the world. Our medical equipment movers are highly trained and highly capable crews that can carefully and efficiently handle sensitive, expensive equipment in any type of medical setting. Additionally, our well-maintained fleet of moving vehicles assists our lab movers in providing extra protection and ensuring a safe transport, no matter what the distance may be.

Expert Medical and Lab Equipment Movers

Only trained medical equipment movers should attempt to pack or transport any of the highly delicate machines in a laboratory or medical office setting. High-end equipment, such as x-ray machines, MRI equipment, surgical chairs, ultrasound equipment, curing lights, sterilization equipment and operating room and exam room contents, are very sensitive and require experienced lab movers to relocate. American Fargo's medical equipment movers have extensive expertise in coordinating an organized operation that suits our customers' needs, budget and time constraints. Moving medical equipment with both safety and efficiency is easy when you team up with our professionals. We work closely on solutions designed just for you for a worry-free move that keeps your costly equipment secure.  

Equipment Packing and Laboratory Relocation

Laboratory moving doesn't have to be a daunting prospect when you work with the experts at American Fargo. The idea of moving costly equipment such as microscopes, work benches, curing units, ovens, dust collectors, amalgamators and other highly complex instruments can be intimidating if you're not confident with your laboratory movers. Our lab movers work closely with our customers to design a customized moving plan that fits their needs, no matter how out-of-the-ordinary they may be. Moving a laboratory, and all of the costly, sensitive items within it, is safe and easy with American Fargo.

Oftentimes, moving your office equipment is an essential, but forgotten, detail of a facility move. Our medical equipment movers can also manage the packing, crating and transport of your computer systems, printers, fax machines, copiers, office furniture and other imperative items for added convenience. Make your relocation easy by contacting American Fargo today or filling out our online quote form to receive additional information on all of our service offerings.