Recent reports say that the speed limit on I-95 near Broward will be lowered to 55 MPH (miles per hour). The interesting part of this whole story is that the recent addition of the express lanes being put in should speed up traffic and reduce traffic congestion; the speed limit is to be reduced, hence slowing traffic back down. This is only till the construction is complete. These changes affect everyone from the daily Miami commuter to work to Miami moving companies. The good news in all of this is that in the end the traffic flow will be much better when the construction of the express lanes are completed. The speed limit reduction is only due to the new express lanes being put in and should return to the normal 65 MPH.

Pay attention to new speed zones as the Florida Highway Patrol will be enforcing the new speed limits at all times. If you ask some Florida keys movers, they say that traffic is usually pretty congested in that area and makes it hard to get up to the normal 65 MPH, so the speed changes shouldn’t be a big deal.