international moving MiamiMiami's new metro-rail  line has been getting some mixed reviews. Some are saying how great it is while others say that it is now an inconvenience as the traffic on the lines have gone up dramatically causing over crowding on the trains. Access to the airport has never been easier.  This new metro-rail has also opened new doors for those people with long lovers or time between flights as now they can take the train to downtown Miami to walk around.

This new line provides for convenient transportation to to MIA (Miami International Airport).  This makes for ideal transportation for anyone undergoing an International mover from Miami.  Not only ideal for them but also for people who commute frequently. The down side to this new metro rail line is that they had to take train cars from other lines to make a train, which is where the complaints are coming from.  For example one train was shortened from six train cars to only four and the traffic on them as remained the same, if not increased.  Many have said that the train cars were not overfilled, just full.