Moving to a new home is exciting but can also be overwhelming. It might feel like it will take forever to feel settled in.

If your to-do list seems endless, our list of 9 essential things to do when you move into a new house can help. Following these tips will make your post-move experience a breeze.

1.) Clean

You want everything to be neat and tidy so that your new place really feels like home. You can either set aside a few hours to get a deep cleaning session in or hire a local cleaning service to assist.

2.) Unpack Strategically

At American Fargo, our expert household movers provide thorough packing services to ensure that your things are well protected and arrive safely. But you still have unpacking to tackle when you arrive at your new place. Be strategic about this by setting up a system to minimize your workload. You can place boxes in their designated rooms, for example, and unpack them room-by-room. Or you might choose to label boxes by level of importance and unpack your most essential items first.

3.) Change Your Locks

Change your locks promptly upon arrival. You never know who has a copy of your key and it is better to be safe than sorry, so get that locksmith on the phone as soon as you can.

4.) Babyproof Your New Place

Making your new place safe for kids or pets may mean installing gates around staircases, placing cleaning solutions out of reach, or getting outlet covers.

5.) Test Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is a super quick task to check off your list, but in the chaos of moving, many new homeowners forget to do it. Take a few minutes to test your detectors to keep your family safe.

6.) Take Care of Paperwork

When you relocate, there is a lot of paperwork. From updating your address with the postal service, banks, and credit card companies to getting a new driver’s license, you will need to complete various forms to ensure a smooth transition. We suggest making a list and tackling it day by day.

7.) Set up Your Internet and TV

We recommend checking ahead of time to see if you can transfer your service or schedule an installation in advance so that everything gets set up quickly on moving day.

8.) Consider Storage Solutions

When you arrive at your new place, you might suddenly realize that you have too many things and not enough storage. If this happens, don’t worry! The team at American Fargo can assist with our safe and secure storage solutions. We will take care of your important items until you need them.

9.) Customize Your Home

This is the fun part. Between décor, furniture, and home improvement projects, getting started on customizing your place will make your new house feel like home.

How Our Skilled Household Movers Can Ease the Stress of Your Move

The moving process can be stressful, but with our helpful post-move tips and our team of skilled home movers on your side, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient relocation. Since 1949, American Fargo has provided quality moving solutions to clients in Miami. Whether you require local movers, interstate movers, intrastate movers, or international movers, we can help. Reach out to discuss your relocation and get a free estimate.