Florida moving companiesPeople have joked saying “you better hurry; you don’t want to lose your seat on the plane.”  Though today it may not matter how much you hurry.  On an American Airlines flight a handful of passengers lost their seat during the initial climb after takeoff.  Passenger seats in rows D, E, and F came loose during the initial climb in altitude.  The seats reportedly came loose from the floor and were deemed to be unsafe for passengers sitting near them as if the plane hit turbulence it could move around violently and possibly hurt a passenger.  Some people say this won’t affect their feelings on safety on American Airlines while others said they would try to avoid them.

To ensure safely of passengers American Airlines currently have inspection crews moving to Miami and moving in Miami to inspect several airplanes to ensure safely.  The technicians are being flown in from Tulsa and incidents like this should not happen again as they are being very proactive about the inspections to come.