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Preparing to move across state lines? Though every family’s experience will be different, there are a few challenges common to interstate moving. (And we would know; our Miami interstate movers have been at it since 1949!)

Common Interstate Moving Challenges to Keep in Mind

We’ve seen the most common interstate moving challenges time and again. But you can benefit by learning how to avoid them for a safe, cost-effective relocation.

1. Interstate Movers Scams

With millions of Americans relocating each year, and the majority being in the summer, the moving business is a big one. This unfortunately leads to a fair share of dishonest Miami interstate moving companies. To steer clear of scam artists, look for common red flags like:

  • Strangely low prices that seem (and are) too good to be true
  • Cash-only payments that limit their paper trail and your recourse
  • Large upfront deposit for your relocation
  • No physical address of the Miami moving company
  • No on-site estimate or thorough inventory call

2. Inaccurate Estimates

Inaccurate estimates sometimes fall under the scam category and sometimes come from careless but well-meaning companies. Either way, you’re the one left with the bill!

Avoid getting stuck with wildly overpriced services by making sure your movers provide 1) a detailed written estimate at the beginning and 2) a clear confirmation of the final price—before anyone touches your things.

3. Incapable Interstate Moving Companies

There’s nothing worse than choosing a Miami interstate moving company and then seeing them arrive on moving day with a worn-down rental truck and non-uniformed “movers.” By that point, it may be too late!

To dodge such unprofessional movers, always check for three things:

  1. Proper licensing from the U.S. DOT
  2. Up-to-date Florida mover registration
  3. ProMover status with the American Moving and Storage Association

4. Damaged Goods

Many moving companies work with professional partners for long-distance relocations, so your items may be transferred between trucks along the way. Of course, every transfer increases the odds of something getting dropped, damaged, or left behind.

It’s important to understand how your belongings will be handled. Ask whether your interstate movers in Miami will personally see them to their final destination, and if they won’t, request information about how the transfers will be handled.

Pro Tip: Get peace of mind that your belongings will be safe by choosing a company with a recognized affiliation like Allied Van Lines—a national network that holds its members to high standards.

5. Poor Preparation

To avoid this common moving problem, start planning for your long-distance move several months in advance, keeping every member of your family involved in the process. If you aren’t sure how to start, here are some ideas:

  • Write out a plan for moving day.
  • Talk to friends or family members who have moved.
  • Sort your items into trash, donate, and pack piles.
  • Purchase moving supplies.
  • Get advice from experienced Miami interstate movers.

Make Your Interstate Move Easier With of A-1 Fargo Moving and Storage!

Interstate moving is certainly a challenge, but by preparing for the common issues you may face, you’ll make your experience much more pleasant. But if you’d rather not worry about your move at all, get in touch with A-1 Fargo Moving and Storage!

Our experts are well-versed in efficient, stress-free long-distance relocations for both families and businesses alike.

To benefit from our 60+ years of experience and our trusted Allied network, contact our Miami household movers now! Call us or submit our simple online form to get started.