miami commercial storage

Whether you’re a small boutique retailer or a large multinational firm, you probably have more than a few spare items laying around your commercial space. Instead of letting these extra things take up valuable square footage, consider sending them to our Miami commercial storage facility!

If you’ve never thought about business storage before, it’s never too late to start. Check out three common times you may need storage—and what to look for—below!

When You Might Need Miami Commercial Storage

Even businesses with sprawling offices can find themselves in need of extra space. Here’s when you might want business storage:

1. When You’re Moving Offices

This one is the most obvious. If you’re planning to move physical locations, you have a lot of work to do—and probably a lot of stuff getting in the way. Start preparing for your office move early by storing away the inessentials!

Tip: By working with a company that offers both moving and storage support (like us at A-1 Fargo Van & Storage), you can get help packing and transitioning your items between the old building, storage facility, and new location.

2. When Your Company Is Growing

If your company is bringing on new staff and expanding operations, you may find yourself short on space. Instead of downsizing the workspaces of your existing employees, make more room by sending infrequently used items into Miami commercial storage, such as:

  • Archive records and documents
  • Extra inventory
  • Surplus furniture and equipment
  • Seasonal event and trade show items

3. When You’ve Received New Inventory

While many retailers choose to keep their inventory on site, sometimes there’s just too much to handle on your own. If your back office and warehouse area are full to the brim, you can make use of Miami commercial storage services to free up space and make tracking inventory much easier.

Tips for Choosing Your Miami Commercial Storage Facility

Knowing the benefits of commercial storage is only the first step; next, you need to find a reliable provider!

In a hot and humid climate like Florida’s, it’s especially important to find a high-quality Miami commercial storage warehouse. For example, sensitive items—like paperwork, valuable art pieces, or electronic equipment—may not do well in non-air-conditioned or poorly built facilities.

To get the most value out of your storage (and the most flexibility in case of last-minute changes), choose a facility that has:

  • Climate-controlled units available
  • Both containerized storage and open racking
  • Flexible short- and long-term storage periods
  • Fire- and theft-protection systems
  • 24-hour monitoring

Get a Free Quote for Your Business Storage Needs Today

As a busy business owner or manager, you never know when you may find yourself in need of commercial storage, so why not cut down on potential stress by preparing well ahead of time? At A-1 Fargo, we have expansive storage warehouses to meet any business need.

From containerized and climate-controlled areas to unconditioned open racking, our space can accommodate all of your corporate property—no matter how big, bulky, small, or fragile!

Contact A-1 Fargo today to learn more about our many Miami commercial storage solutions, or complete our quick online form now to get started with a free cost estimate.