Have you ever run into a space problem when moving to a new home or apartment? Maybe you are downsizing and have less room than you thought. Maybe your house isn't move-in ready and requires some renovations, but you have to be out of the old place right now! There are many reasons customers take advantage of the Miami-area moving and storage services offered by A-1 Fargo. No matter what the need is for it, our company is happy to provide this service pairing to residential and commercial customers.

After all, storage is often an integral part of any relocation, whether you need some extra space pre-move, in-transit, or post-move. A-1 Fargo Van & Storage is the one place to help you with both for the short-term or the long haul.

When Do You Need Miami Moving and Storage Services?

This combination of services comes in very handy for those looking for a local Miami moving and storage company. A complex move from multiple locations can take extra time to complete. You might even find that you lack the room for all of your furniture and equipment when combining business offices or homes. Keeping those extra items in long-term storage is an excellent solution.

Interim Storage

When you are relocating, you'll find that we offer local Miami moving and storage options to meet all needs! If you are making a long-distance move, short-term storage on the truck may also be necessary until you have arrived at a new home or are ready to receive your belongings. Those who like to get a head start with packing can keep their boxes and furniture in long-term storage at our climate-controlled facility before or during a move too.

Post-Move Storage

Our Miami-based moving and storage facility is the ideal place to keep your property while you decorate the new home. We'll be happy to deliver a few pieces at a time or everything at once, as requested. This can be especially helpful for empty nesters who are moving into a smaller home. As you may want to pick just a few pieces to keep in the house and put the rest into long-term storage.

Finding a local Miami moving and storage company that handles both the transport and storing of your property is as easy as calling A-1 Fargo. Our representatives can speak with you about our services and even schedule a consultation. To get started right away, you might want to fill out our online form requesting a FREE, in-home price estimate!