Moving can be difficult and confusing, so you will likely have a lot of questions along the way. If you’re wondering how to tip a mover—or even if you should—then you’ll be glad to at least have these questions answered! Below you can learn some useful tips for giving tips (pun intended) while gaining answers to common tip-related dilemmas.

Ask if Tips Are Accepted

We might assume that tipping movers works just like tipping your waiter or waitress, but that isn’t always the case. Did you know that not all moving companies accept tips? If you’re the generous type that likes to reward exceptional service, it’s best to ask your moving company if they have a tipping policy. From there, whether or not to tip is completely up to you and is by no means expected or required.

Consider the Quality of Service

If your moving company allows you to tip movers and they did a fantastic job, by all means tip the guys and gals—especially if they went above and beyond to make sure you were fully satisfied and comfortable. Some examples of tip-worthy service include:

  • Timely and supremely organized service
  • Exceptionally polite manners and courtesy
  • Willingness to solve problems quickly
  • Moving unusually difficult items carefully

Know How Much to Tip Movers

When we think of a tip percentage, you might consider that standard 20% often expected at restaurants. There is no set expectation when tipping movers, so this is up to you based on what you think is deserved. Some base tip rates on $10 per mover for every four hours worked or $20 per mover for a full day of 8 hours. You might give more if the movers had to deal with an exceptionally difficult relocation.

Know Who to Tip and When

Who to tip partially depends on the tipping policy of your moving company. However, if there are no set guidelines for who to tip, you can either tip the entire crew or individuals that stood out in their professionalism or willingness to serve difficult needs. Most agree that if you tip the entire crew it’s best to tip each member individually once the job is complete. Cash placed in a sealed envelope is usually the best and easiest method whenever possible.

Do You Want Tip-Worthy Miami Movers?

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