No matter what time of year a move happens, there are unique challenges a person faces. Every move has its own logistics, needs, and obstacles to overcome, whether it’s a local, long-distance, or international move. Between packing, driving, and coordinating everyone’s schedules, it’s no surprise that moves tend to be more popular at certain times of the year than during others.

While the end of the year may not be known for being a peak moving season, moving during the holidays can be an extraordinarily ideal time for relocation. With the winter months approaching, there is perhaps no better time to explore the reasons why now is the time for your relocation when compared to other months of the year.

Follow along as we cover some important reasons for why moving during the holidays can be a particularly convenient option for those planning a relocation, and how you can get assistance with your move from A-1 Fargo, your top-rated, reliable Miami local movers.

Why Holiday Moving is a Good Thing

A holiday move might sound insane to some people, especially for those who find themselves particularly busy throughout the most wonderful time of the year. It may be true that a holiday move will need to be planned a bit more carefully than during other seasons, especially since the holidays can be filled with special events, visits from family and friends, travel, and other important dates to consider. However, there are some exclusive perks for those that plan on moving during the holidays that are very particular to this time of the year.

Some of the benefits of a holiday move include:

  • More Hands: Between time off from work as well as the kids being out of school, you have many hands available to help you with the packing, at all hours of the day. The more people available to help is the less you have to do yourself. In addition, you friends may have time off as well. You may have to bribe them, but during the holidays people tend to be more willing to help so you could have even more assistance than you originally planned for.
  • Flexible Dates: The holidays are traditionally a six-week time frame. This means that time to plan is in your hands. The more time you have for planning, the easier the move will be. This is especially true for those who are moving for their jobs, as companies usually give ample time off to adjust for the move.
  • More Affordable: A less-busy moving season means that prices are lower in general. This could be for moving supplies, truck rentals, and even cheaper housing to get into so you have a place to move into.
  • Available Staff: Perhaps the best reason for a holiday move is the fact that in addition to being cheaper during this time of year, professional movers are likely to be on call for customers at the last minute. With just a little advanced planning and coordination, you’re likely to have a team of professionals assembled at the drop of a hat.

Holiday Moving with A-1 Fargo

The team at A-1 Fargo has been combining excellent customer service with outstanding moving solutions to Miami area residents for over 65 years. Our mission is to provide budget-friendly, yet efficient moving services for all household types and sizes.

All our customers benefit from the following services during the holiday season and throughout the year:

  • Packing
  • Custom crating
  • Transportation
  • Storage Solutions
  • Specialty Item Moving
  • Installation and Set-Up

With state-of-the-art vehicles and moving resources, A-1 Fargo’s team of professional local and long-distance movers are ready to take over and help you move during the holidays, or whenever you plan on relocating your home or business.

Ready to discuss moving during the holidays? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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