miami beach spring break party-goers

It’s almost spring break—that time of the year when thousands of students head South, switching out backpacks, warm clothing, and hot thermoses filled with coffee for beach towels, bathing suits, and flasks of booze.

One of the most popular destinations for spring break is Florida—in particular, South Florida, home to gorgeous, sunny beaches, warm weather, and wild parties. It’s no surprise that Miami Beach is a fun place for young tourists to visit while on vacation during spring break, or that it’s been such a popular spring break destination for years.

As welcome as tourists are in Miami, Spring Breakers have unfortunately earned a rather poor reputation in recent years. In fact, the police department has struggled to maintain peace due to the increasingly disruptive behavior of Spring Breakers. That’s why this year, in 2019, the Miami Police Department is launching an anti-spring break campaign in an effort to curb the negative effects of spring break—including drunken brawls, loud disturbances, vandalism, theft, violent crimes, and other issues that have come up in the past during this season.

Why Spring Break Laws are Being Tightened This Year

It’s true that not every tourist that visits over the spring break vacation in Miami Beach is rowdy or disruptive. However, crime tends to skyrocket over the spring break season—and the statistics are impossible to ignore. In the past, the police department has seen a significant rise in hit and runs, stampedes, shootings, public drunkenness, fights, and more.

These problems and others have resulted in the police department taking a harder approach in their policing of spring break party-goers. In fact, the police department has revealed that increased patrols will be common due to overtime funding being approved by the city.

Staying Safe While Having Fun: Following the Law in Miami Beach

Make no mistake that while the police will arrest anyone violating city laws, the city of Miami does encourage visitors to come and enjoy a safe and sane spring break vacation in Miami Beach.

To avoid trouble, here’s a list of illegal activities that you should avoid while visiting the city:

  • Public Drinking
  • Open Alcohol Containers in Public
  • Marijuana Use or Possession
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Riding on top of Vehicles
  • Driving a Scooter in and Out of Traffic
  • Driving a Scooter on Sidewalks
  • Littering

Things to Avoid While Hitting the Beach Over Spring Break

In addition, the police department requests that you avoid doing the following while on the beach:

  • Bringing tents, tables, or other furniture items with you.
  • Using glass or Styrofoam containers while on the beach.
  • Bringing coolers, backpacks, or inflatable devices
  • Playing excessively loud music

It is recommended to visit the concession stands for any and all of your beach needs. Security guards and officers are scheduled to be at all beach entrance points to enforce the rules of the beach.

A-1 Fargo Wishes Everyone a Fun and Safe Spring Break in Miami

As a member of the Miami community, A-1 Fargo welcomes Spring Breakers and other tourists from around the world and encourages all visitors to the area to stay safe. If you’d like to discuss more ideas on how to enjoy a great time in Miami, or if you’re moving to Miami and interested in local and long-distance moving services, contact our team today or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home assessment and price quote.