Are you about to move to a new place, but you’re worried about moving with large, fragile items? Our Miami long-distance movers with American Fargo are part of a ProMover company, and they have years of experience moving heavy and fragile valuables. That’s why we’re going to share our best advice for moving with belongings you’re afraid might break on the road.

Some of these large, fragile items you’re about to move with might be:

  • Expensive Large Screen TVs
  • Gorgeous Sculptures & Statues
  • One-of-a-Kind Artwork Pieces
  • Large and Breakable Mirrors
  • And More

We’re going to show you why long-distance moving doesn’t have to be stressful no matter what you might own. Our moving company, open since 1949, has learned a thing or two since our first day on the job.

Why You Should Choose Professional Packing Methods

Top-rated, professional moving companies like American Fargo will be able to offer you a range of packing services that protect large, fragile items. Some of these choices include:

  • Cushy Moving Pads
  • Customized Wooden Crating
  • Large Screen TV Boxes

By wrapping your large, breakable belongings in moving pads, movers can give them more shock absorption on the truck. Instead of every bump in the road jostling your items, these pads or blankets go a long way in protecting them from impacts.

Trusted residential movers in Miami can also offer customized wooden crating, or wooden boxes made to fit the exact dimensions of a particular item. Large screen TV boxes function in the same way to keep your valuables from moving around during transportation.

How to Protect Your Investments with Full Valuation Coverage

If you’re a homeowner in Miami worried about how your items will be protected in case they break, ask your moving provider about full valuation coverage. Full valuation coverage covers the cost of your belongings by their actual price instead of only by weight, which basic valuation coverage includes.

Why You Might Need Warehouse Storage Space for Your Valuables

Have you considered where you’re going to put your large, fragile items in the new home once you move them? Do you need somewhere to keep them safe in the meantime? You may need to consider warehouse storage solutions.

Many long-distance moving companies in Miami, like American Fargo, offer short and long-term storage solutions in climate-controlled facilities. Our warehouses are monitored for the protection of your belongings.

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