Do you care about the environment and make decisions to reduce your carbon footprint? There are ways you can continue your commitment to the environment during a relocation, and American Fargo’s Miami long-distance movers have shared some top tips. Our Miami residential movers have more than 70 years of experience, and we offer tips for both moving companies and those completing a move. 

Ways Movers Can Help the Environment

Moving companies have many opportunities to make changes that benefit the environment and save the company money. Here are some of the ways moving companies can make environmentally preferred decisions:

  • Many cross-country relocations involve smaller shipments. By combining those shipments onto a single truck, realizing significant fuel savings. 

  • Rather than selling wardrobe boxes, offer the use of reusable boxes for transporting hanging clothing items. 

  • Reduce the use of plastic by using moving blankets and large rubber bands to prevent damage to furniture and other large items. 

Ways You Can Help the Environment

Moving companies should do their part, and there are also things you can do in support of the environment, such as:

  • Ensure that all paint, gas, and household chemicals are disposed of properly. 

  • Dispose of unwanted electronics and appliances according to your community’s guidelines. 

  • Rather than throwing old clothing away, donate them to a local charity. 

  • Find a local food bank where you can donate non-perishable items. 

  • Source used boxes rather than buying new boxes. 

  • Use blankets, clothing, or towels, to pad fragile items.

Additionally, choose a moving company that utilizes some or all of the tips mentioned in the paragraph above.

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