Planning for a move? Whether you’re going it alone or hiring professional residential movers, knowing how to properly prepare items for the relocation helps to minimize the chances of damage.

Preparing items in your garage is a little different than preparing most items in your home—we should know. The professional local and long-distance movers from American Fargo Moving and Storage have completed thousands of successful relocations, and we’re happy to share our top tips for moving items kept in your garage.

lawncare Equipment

Since most lawncare equipment is designed to withstand rough handling, not a lot of prep is necessary. What you will need to do is empty all gas and oil prior to the move. If you have fuel storage containers, those will also need to be emptied.

Small Tools

Put your small tools into a tool chest and secure the drawers, either by locking them or tying them with bungee cords. Specialty equipment, such as woodworking or metalworking gear, should be crated to protect the complex parts from damage in transit.

Cars and Trucks

Professional moving companies will have trailers to accommodate vehicles of most sizes. If you’re moving on your own, you’ll be able to rent a trailer, allowing you to pull one vehicle behind another. If you’re moving an especially valuable vehicle, consider purchasing reimbursement coverage, so you’ll be protected if the car or truck is damaged during the move.


You might think moving a motorcycle is as easy as rolling it onto a truck, but there is a better way. Motorcycles tip easily, so it’s best to crate them and use tie-down straps to prevent tipping. If you’re moving on your own, you can purchase motorcycle shipping crates online.

Gas and Charcoal Grills

Protect the exterior of your grill with moving pads and secure grates to minimize the chance of damage. It’s not safe to move propane tanks, so remove those prior to moving day. You’ll also want to dispose of charcoal before the relocation.

Paints and Other Flammable Liquids

Dispose of paint and other flammable liquids before moving day. Laws about disposing of hazardous liquids vary by location, so check the rules in your city or town to be sure all regulations are followed.

Purge Unused Items

Instead of bringing rarely used items along when you move, take the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. This will make moving easier and allow you to set up your new garage without extra clutter.

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