Whether you’re ready to expand to a larger office or you’re preparing to move into a smaller space, office relocation requires strategic planning and preparation. Even when you work with a professional commercial mover, there are steps you can take to ensure your relocation runs efficiently. Use this helpful guide so that you can stay ahead of your move!

Schedule an Office Clean-Out

One of the first, and most important steps, of any move is cleaning out your space. Don’t be stuck having to lug around old paperwork, useless supplies, and broken items. Use this time to go through each section of your office—from workstations to breakrooms. Some ways you can declutter are by:

  • Making Sure Equipment Performs Well
  • Donating Items That Are No Longer Needed
  • Throwing Out Broken Pencils, Empty Pens, and Dried Markers
  • Emptying Out Drawers Before Wrapping Furniture
  • Getting the Entire Team Involved!

Prepare Furniture to Be Moved

Before you begin to move furniture, make transportation a breeze by unbolting fixtures and disassembling larger pieces. Removing drawers can make desks lighter, while uninstalling machines makes the moving day go by quicker. Preparing furniture is a great way to save time and make your entire move more efficient.

Organize Office Supplies and Equipment

Stay organized as you prepare your furniture and supplies to be moved. Make sure loose screws and tools are kept safe for when you arrive at your new office. You can do this by placing them in separate bags and labeling them. You can also label your furniture and moving boxes so that movers know where they need to go.

One of the best ways to stay organized is by creating a floor plan for your new space. Prepare for your new office by planning out different zones and assign what they’re being used for. This way furniture can be assembled right away and boxes can go in their designated spots.

Team Up with a Professional Miami Office Mover

Hire a professional business mover to help make your move better organized and more efficient. American Fargo Moving & Storage is Miami’s full-service office moving company. Our experienced Atlas Van Lines ProMovers can take you where you need to go. Stay on time and remain prepared when you let us organize your office relocation for you. We cover everything you need including employee relocations, IT moving, workstation moves, and so much more. Call today or complete our online form to grab your free Miami office moving quote!