What You Need to Know About Storage and the options available.  First off these two storage options may sound similar but are two VERY DIFFERENT things.  Air conditioned storage has a precise definition, whereas climate controlled is much more subjective. By putting a small humidifier in the corner of a large warehouse you are in effect trying to control the climate in the building however you're not having any impact on the overall climate inside the building. Same thing can be said by installing exhaust fans, they move air but not humidity. So customers should be cautious when they see "Climate Controlled".

So Which is Better?

Of the two, air-conditioned storageis better than climate controlled as AC storage controls the temperature and removes humidity from the air which, if you live in Southern Florida you know how humid it is. That being said, AC storage is better however that doesn't mean that you can't store things effectively and safely in a non AC environment. Most major furniture manufacturers don't house their new furniture in AC warehouses, back when an today's antiques were made there was no such thing as AC. It is important however that warehouses are dry and that items stored are kept off the floor to minimize the chance of moisture being pulled in through the concrete floor. Containerized storage is one of the best options to go with.  Containers provide additional protection from dirt, dust and pests. The container sits about six inches off the floor so there is less chance of moisture being absorbed from a concrete floor.

Contanerized Household Storage

Things will store better in an AC environment because there is much less moisture in the air. So what should be stored in air conditioned storage? We strongly recommend that pianos be stored in an AC area. Upholstery items also store better in an AC environment, however it is maybe even more important that the upholstery is clean, body oils can stain upholstery regardless of whether it is stored in AC or not.

The Difference to the Storage Company

There's a big difference between the two and there is a major cost increase to the company who provides AC storage. Because of the expense, very few moving and storage companies in Miami that offer AC storage, we are one of the few in Miami who do.

Miami Storage Facility

Keep in mind when choosing a quality company to store your belongings, choose a company that has done their research on storage techniques and go the whole nine yards to store your belongings in a state-of-the-art storage facility that takes all of the precautions for you. A-1 Fargo is the company you are looking for to store your belongings. Call us today 786-292-3924.
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